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How does coaching with me work?

When you first contact me, we will have a short conversation by telephone and arrange for an initial meeting. This meeting may again be by telephone or in person. You choose. We will create the time and space to talk, free of interruptions. I will listen to you.

We will explore what’s important and how I can best serve you. You control the agenda. I work with what you tell me.

You will have an opportunity to ask me questions, get to know me and to find out what working with me would be like. There is no charge for the initial meeting. If you’re hiring me, I feel you are entitled to this.

From experience, I have found that there is no set time for working with a client. Sometimes a single session will resolve an issue. Sometimes a client chooses to work with me much longer to take to transform their lives on several fronts. My coaching is tailored to you, as are the length and frequency of our sessions. That is why I don’t restrict you to my hours. I will meet day, evenings and weekends. I can meet in person or by telephone. I am available and you will have my support between sessions.

I also offer half day and one day ‘intensive sessions.’

My schedule takes me to the United States of America several times a year and I am happy to negotiate coaching and speaking events there.

To find out how I can support you, please get in touch.

“Nigel’s unstinting belief in me and his support and coaching helped me realise my strengths, regain my confidence and reshape my life…”
Mandy Forrester

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