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About Nigel

About Nigel

Image24“Where ever you’ve been it doesn’t matter, I’ve probably been there to. I will accompany you, it won’t scare me.”  ~ Al Curran

NigelDuring a thirty year career as a police officer, l worked in high-pressured environments and dealt with stressful incidents, often meeting people at the lowest point in their lives. I was tested by the responsibilities of running my own police station.

I have experienced the impact of stress, depression and physical injury on my overall health. It is this experience, rather than theory, that has enabled me to effectively coach clients with their own challenges and avoid them going through what I did.

Following retirement from the police force, I travelled round the world with my wife for six months, which included camping in Australia and New Zealand. On my return I founded my coaching practice, alongside buying and managing property, working with barristers on complex criminal trials and accepting over sixty invitations to speak about my policing career.

I work with a wide range of clients many in stressful careers with great responsibilities and pressures. I’ve found that politics, personality clashes, dysfunctional teams are common across the board, as is trying to fit a personal life around a work environment that seems to demand more of everyone’s time.

Coaching is both my passion and a way of life. Every year I reinvest a good portion of my income on coaching, attending courses, workshops, seminars and reading books to update my knowledge and skills.

I qualified as a coach in 2002. In 2010 I graduated as a Transformative Coach after a six month training programme at Michael Neil’s ‘Supercoach Academy’ in New York. I continue to be involved with the Academy as a mentor coach.

I also keep in regular contact with other top coaches, I’m aware of what works and what doesn’t.