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test2Here are just a few of the comments that I’ve received from people who’ve benefited from life coaching sessions with me. I’m delighted to have been able to help them take the steps needed to achieve success.

testMy coaching with Nigel has been an integral part of my success as I change careers. He is a tremendous listener. And for me that is key. In his listening I am able to uncover things about myself which I didn’t know were hidden inside, until I said them. Nigel has also been extremely affirming throughout our coaching relationship – he has believed in me from his heart and that has made a difference in my ability to aim high and stretch for what I am capable of.”
Joe Mitchell –
Attorney and Success Coach

NigelI met Nigel in January 2012 at a training and we connected in a very coincident way.
How important and precious he would become for my personal and professional development, I only learnt some months later.
Nigel accompanied me on my path to finding great treasures and me in the learning process to re-define myself. He has been my teacher, mentor and listener for half a year and guided me in a miraculous way. Nigel would – in a very kind and patient way – teach me to be still and refocus on what is really me.
I feel that he works from a very innate and natural self and therefore is very identical and pure.
Thank you very much for accompanying and supporting me along my development.
I kindly recommend you as a very skilled and wise teacher.
Sylvia Kuzmich – Controlling & Project Manager, Mondi.
Vienna, Austria

My days as a sales and marketing director were flat out, wall to wall, manic. I thought I was bright quick thinking and could solve any or anyone’s problem – then I hit a brick wall.
I just needed someone independent and impartial to talk to and listen. After much searching of both self and internet I struck gold. Arranged a brief meeting with Nigel with whom I have been working with for some time on what I really want in life and have become a much more rounded person with a new direction.
Believe me you can benefit from his knowledge and commitment.


“I genuinely found our sessions invaluable during a very difficult time in my professional life and as a working Mum. Nigel helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem in a very short space of time. As a qualified therapist and parenting counsellor, I was pretty impressed, as I confess I was skeptical at first. I have gone on to qualify as a coach on the back of our success.”
Jackie Coventry

“I was fortunate to find Nigel at a time when life had become static and I was struggling to make future plans. Nigel’s unstinting belief in me and his support and coaching helped me realise my strengths, regain my confidence and re-shape my life. My life now runs more effortlessly and I am very happy in a job that is fulfilling.”
Mandy Forrester

“Nigel really encouraged me to evaluate my life, what and where I was going with it. He made me think about my options, and we tried to work on my strengths and weaknesses to improve my current situation.”
Sonia Mitchell

“Nigel’s skills and knowledge as a life coach have helped me enormously in working towards obtaining my dream of running my own photographic business. By breaking things down into manageable targets, providing ideas and solutions, I found the sessions inspirational and indispensable.”
Simon Tranter

‘In the jobs market having a degree in fine art seemed next to useless, but Nigel showed me how I could use what was already there, to move from breadline to breadwinner!
Thanks to Nigel I am now a practising artist on the verge of giving up my low paid, stressful job to live the life I have always wanted.
The sessions are always fun, give me confidence and a sense of what is possible. I think everyone should have a Nigel in their life!’
June Trafford M.A.